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Project Breathe

Breathe for Britt aims to be a support and resource for families affected by cystic fibrosis. Dealing with CF can often put stress and financial strains on a family. Through Project Breathe, we look to alleviate some of the stresses that go along with this disease in small ways. This program is dedicated to helping families breathe just a little easier.

  • Thanksgiving dinner- This past November the St. Thomas Moore Youth group provided a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and some extra goodies to a very special family on behalf of BFB.
  • Grocery assistance- We provided gift cards to grocery stores for families in need.
  • Oxygen Compressor- BFB had the opportunity to contribute to the purchase of an oxygen compressor for a local CF patient. Read about it here!
  • Laptop- with the generous help of Ladder 128, BFB purchased a laptop for a teenager facing a long hospital stay. The laptop helped her keep in touch with family and friends.
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